Happy Delightful December!

Happy December Everyone!  Thank you for visiting the blog today as I link up with Anne in Residence for her monthly link-up:


Baking is not me.  If I do bake, it is something that is of the "bake and break" variety.  I once ordered these chocolate chip cookies as part of my Hello Fresh meals, and they were delicious! 

Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake and Share Dough

By the way, I LOVE getting Hello Fresh once a month.  Click here if you'd like to get $40 off you first order!


I have been decorating my classroom with my annual Turkey Project.  I love and do this project every year in which each student writes what they are thankful for on a turkey feather.  Check it out (this is a picture from a prior year as I cannot seem to email pictures from my phone to my computer):


This year I will do most of my shopping at TJ Maxx/Marshall's.  I have gotten a few gifts so far, but I will probably tend to give gift cards.


I am hoping that we can stay in school for as long as possible!


I sent this message on my Instagram, and I'm sending it to readers of my blog, too!

As always, I appreciate your visit!  If you know how to fix the emailing of pictures from your iphone to your computer, please let me know so I can update this post!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm good with any type of chocolate chip cookie! Hope you have a healthy and happy holiday season :)


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