Pear Deck Draggable™ Activities

Are your students dragging their feet when it comes to online learning?  Would you like to infuse your teaching with some interactivity?  If so, Pear Deck™ is for you!

I spend A LOT OF TIME making learning activities for my students.  After all my effort, I still have students who are less than enthusiastic.  Enter Pear Deck™!  The kids love having active learning opportunities during remote learning.



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How to make your own Pear Deck Draggable™ Activities?

1.  Open your presentation and the Pear Deck™ Add-on.

2.  To the right ~ under "Ask Students A Question" ~ click on the Draggable™ button.

3.  This window will open:

4.  Choose a color for your Draggable™.
5.  Choose an object to drag:

6.  Add the object to your Draggable™ activity, and you are good to go!  You can create your own activities or:

Here are links to free Pear Decks™ that I have made.  Please feel free to copy them and try them out with your class!

Math Review:  Week 2:  Word Problems

*Would you rather…?

How to Make a ™ Symbol
I am adding this last part in because it took me a long time to figure out how to add the "trademark" symbol.  Hopefully, I won't get sued for not using it earlier.
Click:  Alt   +  0 1 5 3  
I made that banner for my Google Classroom™ on Canva.  The custom dimensions are 1,000 by 250.  Click here to start creating on Canva!
In closing

If you have any questions about Pear Deck™ or using the Draggable™ option, please let me know!

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