Author Matt Tavares Visits the Goodyear School!

Here is a picture of author, Matt Tavares, holding up the copy of his first book, Zachary's Ball.  Matt told us how this was the first book he had ever written, and it started out as "Sebastian's Ball" - a project he did in college.  After sending the rough draft to seven publishers, one publisher  - Candlewick Press - responded with interest. The publication of this book was the start of a brilliant writing and illustrating career for this fine author.

Matt explained to the students how he has to write and rewrite each page several times.  When his editors ask for him to rewrite something, he has learned to do this without complaining.  I hope my class was listening to this valuable piece of advice.

Matt's newest book is a biography about Babe Ruth.  We learned that Babe Ruth went to a reform school as a young child due to behavior issues.  While at this reform school, one of the teachers taught him how to play baseball and hit the ball - and, the baseball career of one of the best baseball players was launched.

After reviewing the writing/illustrating process, Matt had a third grade student model a hitting stance for him while using a pencil as a bat.  Here is the finished drawing.

He then dedicated the drawing to the students at the Goodyear School and autographed it.

If you would like to learn more about Matt Tavares and his many books, he has his very own web site at: 

After the author demonstration, the third grade students were exceptionally lucky when Mrs. Johnson read her very own autographed by the author copy of Zachary's Ball to all three third grade classes.  Here is Mrs. Johnson reading the book.

Finally, our very own third grade teacher, Ms. Aufiero went to elementary school with Matt Tavares all those years ago, and here is a picture of the two of them:

Having author, Matt Tavares visit our school was an amazing opportunity that was sponsored by our very generous and dedicated Goodyear PTO - thank you for arranging this experience for all of us!


  1. Wonderful post! Matt did such a great job teaching the children about perseverance.

  2. Hi Mrs. Krevat,
    It is a girl from your class and I love the blog! There is so much great news. Keep up the good work!

    1. The above comment is from one of my students. She typed the comment on my computer at school so that is why it looks like I wrote it, Mrs. K.

  3. Hi Mrs. Krevat! It's me, Maggie Vecchi. It's been so long since I've last seen you! I wish I could go back to third grade. How have you been? How is your summer so far? How is Gabi?


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