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Since April is officially Poetry Month, we have been reading several books by Douglas Florian who uses words creatively and cleverly to write his amazing poems.  Today I showed several of his poems - Bactrian Camel and The Bear (just to give some examples) - and had the kids identify how the poet used language to write his poetry.  Then I turned it over to the kids and had them write some poems.  Here is one example that I absolutely loved:
I love how the student described the furry, fuzzy and fluffy ears, but the best part was how the panda dresses in Bamboo for Halloween.  Amazing and creative!  I'll be posting more examples over the weekend, but I was so inspired by this student's poem that I had to share it right away.

Additionally, Douglas Florian has his very own blog that you can check out for more examples of his work at:  http://floriancafe.blogspot.com/.

Happy Friday!

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