Remembering When Is Easier Than Remembering Yesterday!

Do you remember when?  If so, here's a great link-up sponsored by Big Time Literacy!

These are some of my daily summer activities when I was younger:

*I remember going to Pico Park in Winthrop, Massachusetts, and we had Park Teachers.  We spent our days doing gimp and making potholders.  I still know how to do the butterfly, square and ladder stitches (they call the last one the zipper stitch nowadays).

*I remember climbing trees in the marsh and making believe I could see places far away.  We used to make forts in the marsh, too - it was so much fun! (there must not have been ticks back then either).

*I remember going to get ice cream, and the only flavors were chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

*I remember that we had to go home when the streetlights came on.

*I used to have roller skates that went over my sneakers and used a key to make my roller skates fit.  I also had a bike with a banana seat.  We never wore helmets.

Wow, it's amazing that any of us survived!  It's also amazing how much life has changed in such a short amount of time!


  1. I had those white roller skates with pink wheels and a banana seat bike, too! Thanks for linking up! :-)

  2. I'm smiling, because, I remember when. Thanks for reminding me! This trip down memory lane was fun!


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