Tell All Tuesday vs. Wordless Wednesday!

Today I'm doing two link-ups in one because they're both related.

First up is this great link-up with Teach, Talk. Inspire for Tell All Tuesday:

The goal is to same what your life would be as a reality TV show.  

Every day I'm trying to do a little better than the day before.  On my show, I'd have a helpful friend on the other side of the fence.  This friend would listen to me and help me solve my day to day issues.  Since this is a makeover show, organizers would come in and totally organize my house from top to bottom as well as my classroom.  Then these super organizers would find another unsuspecting teacher....What teacher wouldn't want this show?

Next up I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for:

In the summer I reorganize my teacher shelves, my closet,... with the hope of being organized until the next summer.  Here's my most recent project:

First, I take everything off the shelves on the bottom right; move the "stuff" onto the dining room table (lower left); recycle it or place what I'm saving in piles on the bench in the top picture.  The piles from the left are:  reading, math, science and social studies.  Now I have to go through each pile, organize it and put it away on my shelves.

How come organizing makes a HUGER mess before it gets better?  Do any of you spend inordinate amounts of time reorganizing every summer?  Guess what I'm doing next?  Back to reality....


  1. It is amazing that when you start to organize, it looks like your filing cabinets exploded at first! I have very ambitious plans to overhaul all three of my filing cabinets. I have some files in there that I haven't looked at in years. My task cards will be getting new homes as well. Happy organizing!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Oh, I had to chuckle at your post. My dining room table is piled high as I type! I am trying to redo my home office bookshelves- I have a WALL of bookshelves- in a hope to make room for more books. And I have several bags of stuff brought home from school that I have to find some place for... somehow.... Please, please send the organizers to my house on your show!!! How I wish! Thanks for post! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. I am the clutter queen, especially during the summer since so much school stuff comes home with me. My dining room table is where I do EVERYTHING. It is hilarious at dinner time, when we have to relocate everything just so we can eat! LOL! Keep up the great work!
    Kathy O
    Third Grade Doodles


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