First Week of School Five For Friday!

Hello!  School finally started last week!  I have plenty to share for Doodle Bugs Teaching:

The first day of school was last Wednesday.  The kids worked on their vacation reports; enjoyed Library; learned routines;... 

Before school, I made sure to get a picture:

We LOVED using the story kit I made for Officer Buckle and Gloria:

You can read more about this story kit here.

We did the experiment "Saving Fred."  The kids needed to rescue Fred, the gummy worm, who was trapped under his "boat" while his life preserver is on top of the "boat."  The goal is to put Fred's life preserver on using four paperclips:

In some cases, Fred took quite a beating with the paperclips.  We were especially lucky that our principal, Mr. Kessaris, joined us for this activity.

We shared our favorite books:

See that book on the bottom right - The Trolley Car Family.  That's my favorite book from childhood that I amazingly found in my cellar last summer while cleaning/decluttering.  I'm reading it again during "Read to Self."

We made an adorable craft/card for Grandparents' Day:

Check out this Grandparents' Day activity here.

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