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Hello!  I'm joining in to share how my classroom has looked in prior years so I can link up with Blog Hoppin' for:

My pictures are from earlier years as we are doing Work to Rule.  Here's the definition from the Free Dictionary:  A job action in which employees do no more than the minimum required by the rules of a workplace.  This means that teachers can't report to school until next Tuesday to set up their classrooms; students will arrive on Wednesday when teachers can enter the school at 8:15 along with their new students.  Work to Rule requires us to follow the Contract to a "t."

My rug is my favorite place in the room.  It's where we have Morning Meeting, Read-Alouds, Sharing, Centers, Read to Self,...  It's a busy and well-loved area:


In addition, it's surrounded by our classroom library.

Here are some views of the rest of the room:

I love how these pictures make my room look so neat and clean and organized.  I usually spent HOURS getting my room to this point.  Now I'll have Tuesday between 8:15 and 2:40 - assuming we have no meetings.   

I will have to work with razor focus and prioritize every task.  Most importantly, I'll have to think positively and optimistically for all of the teachers in Woburn as we're all in the same boat.  

Happy Hump Day!

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