Meet the Teacher: This or That?

Hello there!  Today I'm linking up with Trina for:

I prefer my pumpkins to be left alone, but someone in the family usually carves up a pumpkin.

We always give out candy on Halloween - Gabi the Dog spends A LOT of time barking.

I LOVE wolves.

I'm not really into costumes, but I would probably buy one.  I prefer being creative with my clothes; today I wore my pencil knee socks - I forgot how much I LOVE knee socks - I can see why they're making a comeback!

We watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown yesterday - I LOVE Snoopy and the gang!

BEST NEWS - I survived the full moon/Halloween week!

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  1. Thanks for playing along. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is my all-time fav. I'd love to see those pencil knee socks. Where'd you get them?


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