Meet the Teacher - Birthday Edition

Having just celebrated my  55th birthday, I'm all set to link up with Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom for:

I do enjoy my birthday.  This year I was super lucky because my birthday fell on a Monday holiday; the weather was beautiful; and I got to go apple picking with my family.  I'm honest about my age because I like to be honest.  My biggest wish for myself and my family is health.  As I get older, I learn to appreciate the importance of being healthy. 

I just finished watching the "Belief" series on OWN so I'm feeling very philosophical.  It's a great series with amazing footage of beautiful places on Earth.  I learned so much about different religions and traditions.  It's definitely worth watching!

I'm so happy that it's Friday!  I'll be back tomorrow with my Five For Friday so please check in again soon!

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