Thanksgiving This or That!

Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!  I'm happy to link up with Trina for:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I'll be cooking a turkey - roasted in the oven.  My sister makes pumpkin pie.  We don't have rolls, but we definitely wouldn't have biscuits.  My sister also makes the gravy.  One year she made the gravy on a cookie sheet on top of my stove.  It took a LONG time to clean up that disaster.  Now she uses a pan, and the gravy is just fine. 

In preparation for Thanksgiving I had a salad for lunch and dinner.  I'm just hoping to keep my weight the same.

Next week we have two full days of school and a half day on Wednesday.  Some schools have a whole week off.  It's pretty amazing that the schedules can be so different.

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