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I'm enjoying Friday evening so I can link up with Farley for:

It's amazing how much an athlete can get paid.  This new Red Sox pitcher - David Rice - is going to make millions of dollars over the next 7 years.  He's 30 years old, too. 

Friday is my favorite day of the week.  We have so much fun in school - especially today because the kids had Art and Book Buddies!  Also, we finished up most of our gingerbread people for the Gingerbread Exchange.  I let the kids create their own gingerbread people with a Massachusetts theme, and they really did an amazing job!

This weekend I'm hoping to get A LOT accomplished.  I want to input most of my report card grades.

Other than that, I'm currently enjoying that Friday night feeling and hoping to get to bed early - if I can stay awake until 8:30, that is!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I really do not like Fridays at school...we are required to do so much testing. Today we just happened to finish our math unit and tested so they literally tested all day :( Not cool.

  2. It is now 9 pm. I am thinking that you are probably in bed...I am so sleepy tonight! Just thinking about doing 400 report cards makes me crazy. Good luck on your goals! Vacation is right around the corner. I also have a big to do list that I hope I can start to tackle! Happy Holidays! I love Sundays! No running...relaxing!

    Renee at The Science School Yard


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