Fast Five For Friday!

Hello!  The weekend is quickly coming to a close, and I'm still determined to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

We've been delighted to received so many gingerbread people!  Here is one of the letters:

During snack I have been reading one of my favorite chapter books:  Keep Your Courage Sarah Noble:

This book is based on a true story!  Eight year old Sarah accompanied her father from Massachusetts to Connecticut in the 1600's so he could build a house for the family.  Sarah cooks for her father but most importantly befriends the Native American children.  When the father goes to bring the family to the new house, Sarah stays behind with a Native American family!


In addition, we read this book:

Author:  Ellen Conford

By the end of the day, the kids are exhausted so I've been reading out loud as the kids read along.  Luckily, I had seven copies of this book, and my library got me seven more so some kids had to share.  We really enjoy reading together and discussing the story.

We've been learning about contractions and the Pilgrims!

The highlight of the week was the Holiday Shop set up by the PTO so that the kids can purchase their own gifts for their families.  It's always a fun event!

Parent/teacher conferences are next week so it will be a busy one!  Have a wonderful week!

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