Happy Veterans Day Five For Friday!

Today is Veterans Day, and Massachusetts schools are closed to recognize the importance of this holiday.  I'm also hoping to link up on time with Doodle Bugs for:


Morning Messages

We only had three days of school with students this week (students were home on Election Day for security purposes, and teachers had professional development).  Consequently, I only have three messages:

Our school did a mock election, and Hillary Clinton won.  Of course, we all know what really happened.

Writing Morning Messages and Making Your Own Blog

On our professional development day, I was honored to teach three classes to my colleagues - one on making effective morning message and two about how to make a blog.  Check out some of the new blogs that were created:


Change Is Simple - Endangered Animals

Change Is Simple plans the BEST activities.  This session centered on endangered animals, and the kids had a great time:

First, each student received an animal card and had to think of a way they were like the animal - "I'm like a leopard because I run fast."  Then they walked around and shared this information with a partner.  After, they got to write information about their animals on chalkboards.  The final activity involved interacting with this life size map of the world:

More Best Friend Examples

We continue to share our best friend stories on the rug.  I just love this activity which you can check out here.


A Bike Like Sergio's - a Must-Read Book!

Last week we read this book by Maribeth Boelts:

Click on the book to read more on Amazon.

In this story, Ruben desperately wants a bike, but his family doesn't have the money to afford a new bike.  One day, while in a store, a shopper drops some money which Ruben picks up and keeps because he believes it is just a one dollar bill.  Later that night, Ruben realizes that the money is really a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR bill.  Well, the kids had a very strong reaction to that realization.  There's still so much more to the story, too. We had quite a lively discussion on honesty, stealing,...I am definitely reading this book again to the kids next week - that's how AMAZING this book is!

Happy Veterans Day!



  1. I'm always so impressed with the content you include in your morning messages. I think I've said that before! (Smile) Our school also had PD on Tuesday and no school today. Have a good weekend!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. That's so great that you had a PD session on making a blog! I'd love to see some PD like that in my area.

  3. I am doing an inservice in the spring on blogging....I have a lot to do to get ready for it!
    Lori @
    Outside of My Classroom


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