Show and Tell Tuesday - November

Today I'm linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade for this monthly link-up:

Annual Wampanoag Project

Every November we study the Wampanoag tribe of Massachusetts.  This tribe is the one that helped the Pilgrims.  While learning about the Wampanoag, we learn their words for canoe - mishoon - and for wigwam - wetu.  We then create these Wampanoag homesteads:

These are last year's version of this project, but we'll be making this again in about a week!

The template for the wigwam (wetu) can be found here, while the template for the canoe (mishoon) can be found here.

I buy the tea lights in the Dollar Store.  In addition, I let the kids decorate these diorama with trees, a sun, a river...Each diorama is totally unique.

 Check out this giveaway opportunity!

I'm taking part in my second giveaway!  This giveaway business is so new to me - I'm only used to participating - not actually helping out!

Click here or on the image to enter to win some great gift cards!

New Watermelon Clipart

 I bought some new watermelon clipart, and I've been having fun making a new header for my blog:

I bought the clipart from Striped Elephants on

It's probably better if I don't buy too much clipart as I've spent too much time on my computer!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your kids' dioramas turned out great! I bet they loved that project! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. I love how third graders are so skilled, but are still at a really cute age!

  3. Wow! That was a big giveaway. Bet you got lots of new followers! Fun. Kathleen


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