April Fools' Five For Friday!

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Morning Messages

Last week we used our suffix learning to start checking out adverbs:

Visit From Children's Hospital About Staying Safe

A nurse from Children's Hospital in Boston visited to encourage the kids to stay safe.  The most important parts of our bodies to protect are the brain and the spinal cord ~ they're the hardest to fix when hurt.  We learned about sports and bike helmets; seat belts;...The world can be so much safer as long as we use safety precautions!

Exploring Marble Runs

We finally got around to exploring our Marble Runs:

Each pair of students was given a box with the instructions to explore.  Each group used a different strategy when sorting the different parts.  The kids LOVED this activity and can't wait to use the Marble Runs again.

I am so lucky to be a "Marble Ambassador!"  Plus, I'm even luckier that the fifth grade Community Service group numbered all the boxes and the parts in each box so we can try to keep the right parts in the right boxes.  What a great opportunity for our class!

Boston Bruins Visit

The Boston Bruins Foundation offers a great school program that underlines the importance of exercise and nutrition by offering this amazing assembly:

We had a great time doing the exercises.  The kids especially loved the shoot-out (I even took a shot!).  Blades the mascot was a great goal tender!

Writing About Native Americans, the Pilgrims OR the Puritans

Last week the kids finished up their city-wide writing prompt.  We started by taking notes from our Social Studies books; making a rough draft; and finishing with a final copy.

 In addition, last week we learned about the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials ~ always a highlight in third grade Social Studies!

Happy April!

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