Unicorn Day ~ Five For Friday!

There are advantages to being late ~ especially since today is:


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 Morning Messages With A Poetry Theme
I'm a huge fan of Poet Doug Florian and enjoy using his poetry in my Morning Messages:

These poem come from this book:

Click on book cover to read more at Amazon.

Opinion Writing ~ Planting the Seeds

Last week I introduced opinion writing with the acronym OREO:

O = opinion

R = reason

E = explain

O = opinion (restated)

We started out the day with an alphabetical paper with different pets which segued into the question "What is the best pet for you?"  Of course, some kids didn't want to choose a pet so I let them give an opinion on an animal.  Here's Taylor's piece:

You can tell we've just finished up our expert writing which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

The next day I followed up with a Morning Message (again from a Doug Florian book) about Komodo dragons:

Top Secret Science

Thanks for our generous PTO, we had a Visit from Top Secret Science :

The kids had a blast making all kinds of experiments:

Here are two PTO moms waiting to help out with all the supplies:

Comparing Fractions

We continue to learn more about fractions every day.  Last week we learned how to compare them:

I got this marvelous idea on Pinterest!  You can check out the original Pin here!

My student, Ava, is getting this adorable puppy!

I just have to show this picture of my student's puppy.  His name is Charlie, and she'll be bringing him home soon:

How adorable and cute is he!

That's it for this week ~ have a wonderful week!  Thank you so much for visiting today!

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