Marvelous May Has Arrived!

May has arrived which means that I'm linking up with Anne in Residence and Nancy from NY Foodie for:


I don't bake, but I cook.  If I need to make a dessert, I always head to a bakery or find a "no bake" option.  I do LOVE to eat others' fresh baked items though!

Listening (to)

My car battery died today.  AAA came and replaced the old battery which was from February 2010 ~ the guy couldn't believe the battery was still in the car.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the radio code so I have no radio ~ I LOVE listening to music while I drive.

I went looking for the code and found the code for my old 1992 Camry station wagon.  Consequently, I have to schlep over to the dealer so they can look up the code.


Tomorrow (May 4th) my younger son, Andrew is graduating from Northeastern with his degree in Pharmacy, and next week, my older son, Derek, is graduating with a graduate degree in Public Policy from UMass/Amherst.  This is very exciting news!


I only plant something that takes care of itself and grows back the following year.  Luckily, I have one Bonnie cabbage plant in my classroom so I'm going to try to grow that in my backyard.  Of course, I have LOTS of bunnies in my yard so I'll be growing cabbage for them!


Spring can be quite chilly in Massachusetts.  The weather forecast is often wrong so I've been cold - I've been baring my legs and wearing sandals because I'm excited to break out my spring/summer clothes, but  I still need to dress in layers and bring along my fleece.  It's spring - I want to be warm and comfortable!


  1. How proud you must be of your boys, congrats to them!

  2. We have those very same spring weather issues with clothes here in Michigan... I actually had to get my winter coat out again the other day, which felt really dumb with my cute spring colors, but I hate being cold! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. That's huge that your boys are graduating!! And yes I'm so excited for summer and warm spring to bust out some fun clothes.

  4. Congrats to your boys! What an accomplishment! I've had to dress in layers, here in NY as well. We're having similar weather, where I'm not quite ready to break out the shorts and flip flops! Sorry about your car battery dying. Hopefully, you'll have luck finding that radio code! Thanks for linking up!


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