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School Lunch Superhero Day

Author Jarrett Krosoczka who writes the Lunch Lady graphic novel series started a trend with School Lunch Superhero Day.  This year's celebration was on May 5th.  My students created thank you notes for our Lunch Superheros:

Thanks to my colleague, Mrs. Johnson for this poem!
Here's the link to the original blog post from Megan of "My Kind of Makeover."
As soon as I saw this idea on Pinterest, I fell in love!  My students created their own versions and did a fine job.

Check out all the cards now displayed in our school cafeteria:

The TPT Gift Card goes to...

I was exceptionally lucky to win a $10 TPT gift card to raffle off during the last sale.  Instead of raffling it, I gave it to a new teacher on our floor.  She has been subbing all year and is now a permanent sub for a fourth grade teacher on paternity leave.

I got this genius idea from someone in a TPT Social Marketplace Facebook group.  Another teacher in the group gave her card to a friend who taught in a school in a high poverty school.  I then decided to give it to the new teacher above ~ she was so thankful and excited to buy new items on TPT! 

Marble Genius Marble Runs = Great Fun and Engagement!

Last week we completed an official lesson with out Marble Runs.  The goal was to choose five impediments; set up a marble run; find a way to make the marble travel faster using the impediments in different places.  Here are the rules:

As you can see, the kids absolutely LOVE using the marble runs!  At first, the marble would take 5 seconds.  After rearranging the various pieces, most groups got the marble to finish the course in 3 seconds.

Click here to visit the Marble Genius Home Page.

As always, thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog!  


  1. Love those marble runs! Bet your kiddos have a ball and learn lots! I have my sixth graders design marble runs as well as one of our STEM activities. We use only paper tubes, pieces of cardboard, and LOTS of tape, all donations from family, friends, and parents. Great fun and loads of learning!

  2. The superhero lunch staff idea is a great one! And thanks for reminding me to get out the marble run set. I haven't had it out yet this year. While I'm here... please join the summer linky party for book reviews this summer. Check my post for more. See you next time. Kathleen

  3. I love that you gave your TpT gift to a new teacher. I remember what it was like just starting out and I would have been thrilled!

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