Some Quick and Exciting Updates!

Happy Summer!

I'm feeling totally lucky because next week I'm taking a class at the Teacher Resource Center at the New England Aquarium!  The class is all about water, the ocean, and its effect on climate.  So far I've read three articles for the course, and I've learned about Ocean Literacy.  Have you ever heard of it?  Neither had I!  I'll be writing a blog post soon to tell you all about what I'm learning.

My new blog post about preventing falls is up on Conversations From The Classroom.

I hope that you're having the best and safest summer ever!  Please let me know your news in the comments!

Thank you for visiting today!



  1. Hi Susan! Your class sounds great. I'll be looking forward to your blog post. Last year I remember you did some PD about history. Enjoy your time at the aquarium!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Ocean literacy? Nope never herd of it, so I’ll just hold my breath till you write about it.


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