Fabulous and Fantastic Friday at the End of January!

Happy Weekend!  Today I'm delighted to share my news as I link up with Anna Nuttall's New Bloggers Link-Up and   Erika,  Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!


Lunar Eclipse

Last Sunday I managed to stay awake (thanks to my daughter awakening me at 11:30 p.m.) to observe the total lunar eclipse in near zero temperature, too!

Super Storybird

My students are totally enthralled with writing on Storybird!  My student, Megan, has written 23 stories.  Here's a sample of one of her many stories:
Storybird is a free web site that offers kids writing opportunities!  The kids get to choose illustrations and go from there.  In addition, my students even write at home ~ FOR FUN!  Plus, my students LOVE to leave comments on their classmates' published stories. 

Therapy Dogs Are Terrific!

Our class earned enough kindness points to earn a visit from two therapy dogs.  Check out golden doodle Oliver who prefers chasing his ball to having a treat:

New Blog Post At Conversations From The Classroom

about Canadian children's book.  Click here or on the picture to check out these books.


Well, that's all my news for now!  Thanks for visiting the blog today ~ I really appreciate it!

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