Fabulous February Has Arrived!

Happy February!  I'm sure Miss G. ~ the Massachusetts State Groundhog ~ saw her shadow yesterday which means 6 more weeks of winter.  Of course, spring doesn't really arrive here until the end of May ~ if we're lucky!  

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Which elephant ears would work best?

Last week we watched a video about how elephants use their ears to cool their bodies.  After that, the kids were divided into groups of two.  One student received a "sticky note" elephant ear while the other received an "index card" elephant ear.  I placed a drop of water on one student's hand while the other acted as the flapping elephant ear:

After much flapping and fun, the students determined that the index card elephant ear was more effective because it is stiffer and thicker.

Civil Rights = All People Are Equal!

We've been looking up a lot of words in the dictionary.  We made a glossary for a non-fiction book about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (we probably will only get to the glossary of this non-fiction book).  One of the words was civil rights, and I love how each student's glossary reflected their understanding:

The Loft Has Some Super Sweaters!

I've been looking for a polar bear sweater but couldn't find one.  Luckily, I found this sweater online from The Loft:

Click here  or on the picture to check out this adorable polar bear sweater!

In addition, I've been looking for a plaid sweater so I ordered this pretty pink one as well.
Click here or on the picture to read more!

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Have a wonderful week!

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