Marvelous Mid-February Favorites!

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Tanglewood Marionettes = AMAZING!

Our PTO treated us to the most magical and engaging puppet show by Tanglewood Marionettes called The Dragon King:

The best part of the show was when the dragon walked around the gym and squirted water on all the kids ~ they were totally enthralled!

Click here or on the above picture to read more about these talented puppeteers and check out where they're performing!

National Hippo Day & An Amazing Perfect Poem!

Before writing my Morning Message, I always check in with Checkiday to see what exciting holiday is taking place.  Last Friday, luckily, it was National Hippo Day, and I found the most perfect poem to accompany this special day:

A Beautiful Winter Sweater ~ On Sale!

I've been in love with this Boden sweater from the moment I saw it!  Of course, it was way over my comfort zone at $130.  Luckily for me, the sweater finally went on sale for President's Day.  It was still over my price point, but I decided that it "sparked joy," and I bought it! 

I've saved the best news for last!

I'm on February vacation!  Tomorrow I'm going to Chinatown in Boston for Chinese New Year and the dragon parade.  

Happy President's Day!

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