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Right now I am picking out my mother of the groom dress for my younger son's wedding in September.  I've purchased these two dresses and I'm deciding which one to wear to the rehearsal dinner and which one to the wedding.  Please weigh in with your thoughts!

Click on the picture of each dress to learn more about each one!


The Woburn Historical Society does fundraising with the goal of offering all third graders in Woburn a trolley tour of the city.  Yesterday the third graders are my school had a perfect day for their trolley tour.  Many of the kids said their favorite part of the tour was our visit to the Common and the Veteran memorials.  In addition to the informative tour, the Woburn Historical Society gives each student a t-shirt and a book with pictures of the places visited along with background information.  Most importantly, each student received a goody bag with sunglasses and a yo-yo!


I ordered some shoes online from my favorite store: TJ .  I'm hoping that these fit because I love owls!  In addition, I ordered some wide width walking sneakers.


I'm starting to wear shorts and t-shirts on the weekends!  We've had cool and rainy weather in Massachusetts, and it seemed like spring would never come, but I'm happy to report that the weather is making progress!


I'm celebrating the arrival of summer vacation.  Our last day of school is June 19th, and my students and I are all ready to have a break from the school!

Thanks for visiting the blog today!  Please let me know what you think of the dress options!


  1. I have had multiple pairs of Soludos and I love them so much - their fun embroidery options are the best! And I love the dresses. The blue one seems maybe a little dressier to me, so I'd personally do that one for a wedding vs. rehearsal dinner.

  2. Those shoes are so cute! I really need to go to TJ Maxx sometime soon...such a great place. And yay for it almost being summer break!



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