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Happy Friday the 13th and the beginning of my two week "break/vacation" due to the Corona virus.  I'm very happy to link up with  ErikaNarci and Andrea for:


Precautions = No School For Two Weeks & The Gym

My classroom has gone dark, and I'm sad.  This is prime time for preparing for our state test (MCAS), and school has closed for two weeks.  My students and I cleared off our desks and all hard surfaces so the custodians can do a deep clean.

Check out this heavy-duty industrial cleaner the custodians will use:

Click on picture to read more about this cleaning sprayer.
This morning, when I went to the gym for my spinning class, these signs are everywhere:

March 14th = Pi Day While March 10th = Mario Day!

This week is full of very important holidays!  For example, today is Pi Day, and I fought this ultra-cool t-shirt that shows an amazing revelation:


On top of that, I learned that my wedding anniversary is an important holiday:  Mario Day!

Author Norah Dooley Visits Our School

Norah Dooley is the author of a very well known book:


During her visit, she shared her background, her writing process (which includes writing at least 20 drafts), and her many other books.  I enjoy how the author weaves a great amount of multicultural information into her books.  I'm definitely going to check out more of her books!

 Thank you for checking in and reading the blog today!  I'm hoping to post more now that I'll be home for the next two weeks.  I have plenty of cleaning jobs to do, but we'll see how that goes!

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Please let me know how you're doing where you live!

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  1. As a former teacher, I know how busy the spring semester can be and missing any amount of time makes catching up difficult. Hang in there.


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