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Happy April everyone!  I am delighted to link up with Anne in Residence for:

I have settled on a Google Classroom routine.  Every morning I share a Morning Message; a Google Forms questionnaire; a math activity and a reading one.  Here is my latest Morning Message: 

I used to write often in my dog's blog, but then I just stopped.  Thanks to my students requesting more blog posts, I finally wrote a new and timely post that you can read here.

Even our pets need to practice social distancing!

The first wealth is health. | Vegan PostersWishing

My wish for myself, my family and
all for friends is staying healthy.
That's what I am thankful for every day.

The Silent Patient by [Michaelides, Alex]Investigating

I am trying to decide what to read next and where to buy the book.  I am so sad that I can't go to the library, and I NEVER buy books.  I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble, but they charge for delivery (unlike most retailers who now offer free delivery!).  Right now I'm reading this book:

I'm enjoying it, but I'm trying to read it slowly until I have a new book on the horizon.  

Do you have any must-read books to recommend?


Well, I'm going to have to buy a book, but other than that I've been buying groceries on line.  My husband and I went to pick up my daughter who works in New York City.  Due to that excursion, we are quarantining and isolating for 14 days ~ which we should be doing anyway.  I actually enjoy ordering from Whole Foods IF I can get a delivery window!  That's not very easy with everyone deciding/having to order food online.  

Well, I'm hoping that you are all surviving in this strange, new world!  Thank you for visiting the blog today and checking in!



  1. So happy for you to have your daughter home! And I hear you on the library. It's, no doubt, the hardest closure for me & my son. He easily reads a book/day, and we were not able to stock up enough. If this is our biggest hurdle during this pandemic, we will count ourselves blessed.

  2. I just got The Silent Patient in a book exchange. Have you tried BOTM Club? It's cheaper than Barnes and Noble and shipping is free. You can also add on books that are only $9.99 instead of the $20+ dollars in the retail stores. I hope you are able to keep safe, happy and healthy!

  3. Our local Barnes & Noble is doing curbside pickup, so that has been a lifesaver for a friend of mine who has to have the newest James Patterson whenever it is released. I have found myself reading more blogs, but listening to more audiobooks, which I can download from the library. Take care and stay well.

  4. Your dog's cute! I look forward to checking that out!!

  5. So great to hear what you are doing for your students! We so appreciate teachers' efforts, and also the wonders of technology, in this crazy time. If you like thriller type books, one that is fun but not too dark is Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson. I'm sad about the library not being open too, but she's an author I think is very worth supporting with a purchase :)

  6. Ooh I really want to read The Silent Patient. I hope you're enjoying it. I hope you can find another great book to read, and an easy way to get it! The Book Depository usually has pretty good deals on books, and it's free shipping. It comes from the UK though, so it can take a bit but it's still better than other options.



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