Insights About Students and Distance Learning

Happy summer days are here again! 

Hello there, and thank you for visiting the blog today as I link up for the third installment of this Summer Blog Challenge!  This week's prompt is:  

What insights do you have about your students after #RemoteLearning?

How The Kids Feel ~ Do you still like online learning?:

Although less than half of my students answered this question during the last week of school on Google Forms, I would say most of my students missed school terribly.  They missed their friends, recess, gym, ...  I think the social interaction is most important to the kids.  Hopefully, they learn academic skills along the way as well.  Our daily Morning Meetings were very important to the students because it was their time to socialize with their peers.  I included periods of instruction, but the kids really wanted to see and hear their friends.

Teaching Opinion Writing:  A Wide Range of Results

One topic taught during at-home learning included opinion writing.  I tried to include student samples from prior years and other strategies such as modeling how to write an opinion piece during our Morning Meeting.  Honestly, the results were all over the place.  Check out some student examples.

First, we started with completing organizers.

This student completed the organizer and the ideas are all here!

These are some examples of final paragraphs:

I save my favorite opinion piece for last!

I felt that writing skills got short shrift during online learning.  Writing is such an important skill that involves conferencing with the teacher and sharing with classmates.  Online learning just does not cut the mustard when it comes to writing instruction.  I would say most of my third grade students' writing skills need improvement.

Other Academic Insights

In addition to opinion writing, the kids learned about geometry and area in Math; the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution in Social Studies; force and motion in Science; sequencing and story elements in Reading.  What will students remember?  I worry about how well my students are prepared for next year.  It is impossible to really know from online learning.

Staying Connected

Yes, this was a priority, and I think we all did our best under the circumstances.  There is no replacement for in person
learning for younger students, but my students knew they were important to me even if I couldn't see them face to face.  It still comes down to this important quote:


  1. I believe that most teachers, students and parents did their best considering this difficult situation. I thing you did a fantastic job!

  2. Peter's writing was my favorite, too! I agree with what you said about writing. There is just something about being in a community of writers that motivates and energizes everyone. It is NOT the same at home by yourself unless you are a natural-born writer. I love how you typed feedback in colorful text boxes. I did that too! I'm sure your students felt loved, and that's the most important thing.
    Laughter and Consistency

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  4. Susan,
    I appreciated reading about what you learned about your students from this remote learning chapter. I hope it is finished because, like you said, there is no replacement for in person learning for our young students. They need us, each other, recess, P.E., and people with skin on to show the care that we have for each other. I love that Maya Angelou quote. It is powerful, true, and simple. Thank you.


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