Currently It's Just July ~ The Summer Is Just Beginning!

Happy July!  My summer vacation started six days ago, and it's already a new month!  Plus, people will soon remind me:  "Once, it's July 4th, the summer is over."  Noooooo!  I don't believe that ~ I'm going to enjoy every day of the summer starting today by linking up with Anne in Residence for her monthly link-up:


I have been cooking on my grill ~ A LOT!  I love to make chicken, turkey burgers, steak...  Yesterday the marinated steak was $18.99 per pound.  Needless to say, tonight I am trying turkey tips!


Last weekend my husband, daughter and I drove down to New York City.  Although she is currently working from our home in Massachusetts, she will be getting a new apartment in the fall.  Consequently, we drove down so she could put all her "stuff" in the car.

New York City was relatively quiet, and we spent a lot of time just strolling.  We did pass a bakery with these amazing cookies:


Today I am sharing a link to check out summer reading books for Summer Reading Lists for preschool to grade 8 from the American Library Association.  After at-home learning, kids really need to read A LOT this summer to keep their reading skills sharp.
cover image summer reading lists Kindergarten - Grade 2 shows laptop displaying rocket image, stack of picture books, and phone with headphones


Last Friday I popped in to school to get some items from my classroom.  I told my students I would be there, and some came to say hello.  We tried and succeeded in taking a social distance picture:


I wonder if we will really go back to school in September.  Massachusetts is on track to start in-person school in September.  It seems that a lot of colleges are holding classes until Thanksgiving and then switching to at-home learning. 
What are your thoughts?
happy 4th of July Cards

In the meantime, have a happy 4th of July!


  1. I love your social distancing picture! I'm sure they were SO HAPPY to see you. I've been doing optional virtual read-alouds on Mondays. One student showed up! We had a lovely time, though. I can't believe it's July already. I have NO idea what to expect for school, but I am trying not to stress about it. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Hi Jan! I know ~ I love seeing my students. Are you doing these virtual read-alouds over the summer? I can't think about back to school yet either. Let's enjoy our summer first!

  2. "New York City was relatively quiet" - who would have imagined!?! But those cookies do look amazing! Did you sample?

  3. Your social distancing picture is so cute. I am glad that you were able to get together. :)

  4. Yes to enjoying summer to the fullest! We're unsure about school in the fall in Michigan, but just trying to take things one day at a time and enjoy the summer break. Love seeing this summer reading list! My son loves to read, so I'm always looking for new titles to try out. Thank goodness for library curbside pickups starting :)

    Have a great July!


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