Current Professional Goals: Remembering and Practicing Google Classroom!

Happy Summer Days Everyone!  We are definitely having very hot, humid weather in Massachusetts!  I'm happy to join Hot Lunch Tray's link-up again this week!

This post is week 6 of 8 in the #8WeeksofSummer Blog Challenge for educators.

This week's prompt is: 

Share your current professional goals.

1.  Keep Making Google Slides!

I spent a lot of time making my own Google slides.  I continue to make my own digital and print versions of work that I will teach when we go back to school online or in person.  I want to keep these skills fresh and up to date so that I remember and reinforce what I learned.  In addition, I am taking an online summer class:

...Learn how to use presentation software that not only allows your students to hear your voice, but allows them to interact with the presentation itself. Have students watch, and then interact with educational videos. The video app even allows you to add your own voice throughout. Both applications allow for formative or summative assessments, in app. Next, you will be instructed on up to date materials for reading, and assessing along the way. Learn how to make gamification (learning through games) a fun part of your student’s day. Also touched upon; an online portfolio (that gets shared with families,) and ways to get your students talking to you (their teacher) and to each other. The best of all, you can then have your student’s use the same tools to create something for you!..    

2. Develop New Teaching Resources

Here is something that I am still working on:

It includes reading, language and math review. I'm really excited to create and share some new resources that are both digital and print.

3.  Familiarize Myself with Lucy Calkins' Writing Program

Next year we are using the Lucy Calkins' Writing Program.  

Back in the spring, I used parts of the opinion writing chapter to teach my students.  I even made a slide show to go along with it:


By the way, if you love that cover, check out this Luna's Yard TPT store!

I will be spending time familiarizing myself with our new writing program among other professional development!

What are you doing this summer?  I really hope we have some time to go back to school with students, but nothing is definite yet!

Thank you for visiting today!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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  1. Our summer goals are quite similar. I've been making digital materials for my class, too. Your spiral review looks great, and your training sounds really good. Our district has been doing writing workshop for a few years, but we wrote our own curriculum. We've been doing reading workshop for a couple years (and we wrote our own curriculum). I'm reading The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo, and it really is as good as everyone says. I bet you're enjoying your pool in this heat.
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