Week 1 of Summer Blog Challenge: Relationships

Hello there!  I am so close to summer vacation that I can almost taste it!  My vacation officially starts on Friday, June 25th, while my students' last day is Monday, the 21st.  I am ready to start writing in my blog again so I can link up with Hot Lunch Tray  This post is week 1 of 8 in the #8WeeksofSummer Blog Challenge for educators.

Background Information

We started school in a hybrid model way back in September.  I had 2 cohorts:  Cohort A had 10 students, and Cohort B had 6.  Having cohorts enabled me to get to know and help each student individually.  Students went home at 1:00 p.m. every day to eat lunch so there were no special classes:  those were held virtually during at-home days.  On Wednesdays, we all stayed home and had a virtual class altogether.  

The students and I all adjusted to our new schedules.  We started each day with Morning Work and Morning Meeting.  The kids had recess and could enjoy playing together.  I loved getting to spend time with each student because we made strong connections.

March Arrives:  In School Learning Mandated!

Two weeks before April vacation, we all went back to school 5 days a week all day.  This first week was a HUGE adjustment.  The kids were all tired and hungry.  Plus, they wanted to go to the bathroom all the time ~ just like at home!  It was tricky.

Luckily, I had attended a Responsive Classroom

training years ago and implemented Quiet Time.  Quiet Time occurs right after lunch recess.  I put on quiet music.  The kids can finish work if they have any.  If not, they can read, draw, color or use their Geoboards.  Amazingly, Quiet Time became a welcome relief!  Many kids brought an extra snack to have so that they wouldn't be hungry for the remainder of the school day.

Next week is the last full week of school.  I think my relationship with this group of students is strong.  We all worked and adjusted together.  I am concerned about academic gaps.  We will be doing A LOT OF REVIEW in all areas next week.  Plus, I still need to teach about magnets and the second part of the American Revolution.  The bottom line is that we are all a team, and we will get the work done!


  1. It sounds like you made the most of the year, Susan. It's good to see you back here for blogging your reflections. Whew...next week sounds busy with review, magnets, and the second half of the American Revolution! I love the idea of Quiet Time after lunch. Beautiful idea.

    1. Hi Denise! Good to be back, too! We survived the week and completed just about everything! One more half day with students on Monday! Time sure flies!

  2. Hi Susan! I've been thinking about you! I'm hoping your last few teacher days are productive and a little less hectic. We made it!

    1. Hi Jan! Right! It's amazing and such a relief! I have been thinking about you, too! I think our classes should be pen pals next year!


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