Week 2: Collaboration with Peers and Students by using Pear Deck™!

Hello everyone!  Thank you for popping in to the blog this week as I link up with Hot Lunch Tray for the second week of her Summer Blog Challenge!


     Teamwork.  Creating teaching lessons and materials.  Being on the same page.  These skill are so important to our professional and personal success.  Last year required us to work together in my district.  We met weekly with our third grade team leader, Mrs. Formisano.  She reviewed what material we should all cover that week.  Next year (when life is hopefully back to normal), we will continue to meet once a month to ensure all third grade teachers are on track.

     For twenty years, I worked in person with two other colleagues.  Last year, I only worked with one colleague as there were only two in-person third grade classrooms.  Last year was a difficult and tedious year for many reasons.  Next year I will work with two other teachers again:  Mrs. Sheehan (back from maternity leave) and Mrs. Billings who is joining us from 2nd grade.  I am looking forward to working collaboratively with these two ladies and sharing ideas. 

     One web site I fell in love with last year was Pear Deck!  It allowed me to work interactively with my students during online learning and after.  When the Resource Room teacher would visit, I would do breakout rooms and start a Pear Deck.  It gave us an opportunity to give on the spot feedback to students! 

If you want to read more about Pear Deck, head here to get started , logging students in or Draggable™ Activities. 

     If you have any questions about anything in this post, please let me know in the comments!

     Happy Summer Days are here!

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  1. Susan, thanks for telling about Pear Deck. I will go explore your posts for a while! I've seen some lovely slides created with Pear Deck, but I've never tried myself. I appreciate your description of this year being "difficult and tedious." Hope you can relax and refresh this summer.


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