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Now that it is summer, I am trying to eat more vegetables.  My new favorite is spring mix lettuce, strawberries and feta cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.


A week ago we had extreme heat:  95, humid, sunny.  Then the temperature dropped to 55 and rainy.  On Friday, I was shivering and put that down to the big drop in temperature.  At night, I rotated between shivering and sweating.  The doctor had me do all this blood work and a chest X-ray.  This cycle started 5 days ago, but I'm feeling/hoping like my fever might have broken last night.  Also, the blood work showed that I have anemia.

Anyway, yesterday I went in the pool to vacuum, and this insect paid me a visit!  I looked it up, and a praying mantis is a sign of good luck.  I'm hoping that I will started feeling better very soon!


My husband and I are going to Block Island in Rhode Island during the last week of July.  We are staying for 3 nights.  I have never been so I am excited to check it out!

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My daughter is getting married next June which means I need a mother of the bride dress.  I have learned from my sons' weddings that finding a dress is no easy feat.  Dresses that look great don't always look good in real life.  This dress ~ I fell in love with but waited until it went on sale to buy it.  The dress arrived a few days ago, but I haven't had the energy to try it out.  I am hoping for success!


I live for the summer!  I love going in my pool with the sun shining on my sunscreened back looking at the tall, green trees and the bright, blue sky.  I love reading books!  I highly recommend this one:

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This book kept my interest, and I read it in two days!

Well, this is all of my news for now.  I am wishing you a happy and healthy summer!  


  1. Oh, I love that dress and I hope you love it on. I also hope you get your health sorted out -- that doesn't sound fun :(

  2. I hope you are indeed feeling better! And totally agree that one was a great pool/beach read. I also recently enjoyed Joshilyn Jackson's Mother May I, which was a similar kind of page turner that also had some motherhood-related themes.


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