Next School Year is Right Around the Corner! What I'm Keeping, Losing, and Trying!

Hello there!  It is so nice to see you again!  Welcome to this week's prompt:  What will you keep/lose/try this coming school year?

Next year....

     I am already thinking about what next year will be like.  In Massachusetts, I have heard that the desks only need to be 3 feet apart vs. last year's 6 feet.  I am anticipating wearing masks again as the amount of cases here is on the rise.  Plus, my students are too young to be vaccinated.  

What I'll keep...

     My students LOVED directed drawings last year so I'll definitely keep up with this activity.  Last year I reinforced  what we learned in class with a comparable directed drawing.  I have the kids draw and label the drawings.  In addition, I have them include important information.

 Here is an example of a Wampanoag long house.  You can even find the directions here for free!

     Morning Meetings are a must-have that I will always keep.  Kids need practice learning how to greet others and have conversations.  Listening is another super important skill that I model and emphasize to my students.  Most kids claim that their parents are "always on their phones" or "too busy to listen."  Morning Meeting time becomes even more important and necessary!

What I'll lose...

     I want my students to spend less time on the computer.  Before the pandemic, we used the Chromebooks twice a week in school for one hour each time.  I want to return to less dependence on technology for learning.  

     Last year most of my students had never used a dictionary or heard of encyclopedias.  I know they can look everything up online, but it's also helpful to learn of the "old-fashioned" way for finding information.  There is a comfort in holding a book and turning the pages.

What I'll try...

     Next year I am very excited to dive into our own new reading program:  


If you are currently using this program, I would love to hear any advice/tips.  I am so excited to offer a new reading program to my students!

     New year we are also starting Fundations in third grade.  We have had one training in June, but I still need to adjust and learn how to use something new.

     Please let me know if you have any insights into any of these activities.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting the blog today!


  1. Susan, glad you made it back and with a new device to be able to post your reflections. You are in for a good year, I'm sure. I like that you and the children will focus on drawing and meeting together and writing without devises. Enjoy! I knew nothing about Fundations and the new reading program, but I gladly clicked on your links to learn more.

    Btw, you forgot to leave the link on Week 6 for this sweet post.

  2. Best of luck for your challenge, I am also a writer and recently started my first ever blog on mom life but it's hard to manage time for your blog as I am currently working as an online research paper writer. I love your blog and your blog is my inspiration.


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