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Happy Friday Everyone!  Today is the first day of my vacation!  Today I'm also linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and   Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for:

A New Favorite Author!

Last week I got a new book at my library:  Home by Britta Teckentrup.  I was interested in the book because it was a peek-through book which I find so creative.  When I read it, my students were enraptured with the illustrations and loved the book.  I was so delighted that I went and ordered all the books from my library.  You can see them for yourself and read more at Amazon.

Britta is an author/illustrator from Germany.  She even has an "All Natural" series of books which are eco-friendly.  I got those from the library, too, and they are super adorable!

IXL Engaging Feature:  Live Jam!

Does your school have IXL?  This year students must do 15 minutes of Math on IXL.  First, they step into the arena for their "Diagnostic" work; once that is complete, they can do "Recommended Skill" work for Math.

One day I was looking at some new Recommended Skill work, when I came across the opportunity to do a "Group Jam:"

Of course, the principal just happened to meander into the room when I discovered this, but since I love trying new and exciting technology, I told the kids were doing an IXL experiment.  As soon as the teacher starts a "Jam," the students receive a message on their Chromebooks asking them to join.  The kids' favorite part is that they all receive an icon that can be see on the "Big Screen."  

Once every student answers, there is a review page that explains the answer.  Bottom line:  the kids are excited and engaged; and that's enough to make me want to keep doing Group Jams!

Morning Messages!

Every morning I have a Morning Message for the kids.  Last week included two big "holidays:"


Consequently, we are now reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  In addition, we talked at length about the Declaration of Independence!

As always, thank you for visiting today!  Wishing you a peaceful Ramadan, Passover or Easter!  

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