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Yep, I just spent from Monday until today in New Orleans.  This is the first time I have ever visited this city and the first time I have ever seen the Mississippi River!  It's also the first time I ate grits (I had to add jelly to sweeten them up; the waitress advised adding more butter and sugar; that just seemed too unhealthy so I went with the jelly).  Check out some highlights!

Cemetery Tour

New Orleans is under sea level and has a very high water table.  This combination means that burying loved ones poses multiple problems, and they have adapted by making very fancy and ornate cemeteries.  To prevent coffins and bodies from popping out of the ground, New Orleans has above ground tombs.  There are regular cemeteries like St. Patrick's #1

Then, there is this cemetery for the extremely wealthy who want to leave a landmark in their wake: Metairie Cemetery: 

This is Anne Rice's "eternal home."  In addition to this, there are so many more ornate and special structures to check out.  According to our tour guide, you need mucho dinero to be buried here (especially if you want to make a statement).    Either way, this is an amazing and a once in a lifetime experience!

Hurricane Katrina Memorial

Our tour guide told us that he thinks about Hurricane Katrina every day.  During this catastrophic storm, many residents lost their lives and were never identified.  They are all buried in the six crypts at this memorial.

Bayou Time!

One day my husband and I headed to the bayou for an air boat adventure ride to see some alligators!  I learned that:
    *To know how long an alligator is, measure from between its eyes to between its nostrils.  One inch  = one foot.  Consequently, this alligator is about 10 feet long!

While on the cemetery tour, a caterpillar landed on my collar bone.  While brushing the creature off, it fell in my shirt where it did substantial damage.  I did eventually remove the invader, but he panicked and stung me A LOT!  I ended up in Urgent Care where I received a cortisone shot; a prescription ointment; and a prescription tablet to prevent itching.  My advice:  NEVER pick up a caterpillar!

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