Friday Favorites & Memorial Day Weekend ~ Wow!

I Have My Own You Tube Channel

Well, I never expected to be a You Tuber.  Many of my students want this job as a career because of fame and fortune.  I'm not expecting any of that; I am just hoping to maybe help another teacher with virtual learning/teaching.

What I'm Reading

If you are in the market for a new book, check out A Book Of Longings:

The Book of Longings: A Novel

First, I love all of Sue Monk Kidd's books.  Second, the setting of this book is during Biblical times. (One of my all time favorite books is The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.).  Third, the premise of the book is that Jesus gets married to Ana ~ this book is Ana's story.  Ana is a woman who knows how to read and write which was very unusual at that time.  I highly recommend this book; it's a book that I love so much that I don't want it to end!

The World of Google Classroom

I spend a great deal of time developing and creating virtual lessons for my students.  We are now teaching new material such as Weather and Climate for Science and Fractions on a Number Line for Math.  It is a whole new world when you are not face to face with your students.  


Now we are moving onto equivalent fractions.  At least, students are being exposed to these concepts.

Kahoot ~ A Fun Online and Educational Learn

If you are looking for a very engaging online Google Meet or Classroom activity, check out Kahoot.  My students look this activity.  You can play as a class or assign individually.  Here is a link to my newest Kahoot!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Locking Down the Background in Google Slides ~ Made Simple!

If you are adapting to and learning Google Classroom, you know how important it is to lock down the background.  Click this link to see a quick video and slide show to help you accomplish this easily and quickly.

You can click on this picture to access the information, too.


Currently ~ It's Magnificent May!

Hello there!  Thank you so much for checking in today as I link up with Anne in Residence  for her monthly link-up:


This week, on-line learning requirement have changed.  We need to post the next week's schedule the Friday before so that parents know what their children will be working on the following week.  Here is my schedule for next week:


I am really missing teaching my students about the Revolutionary War in person.  I will teach this material on line, but this is one of my favorite chapters to teach because a lot of the action happened in and around Boston.  Paul Revere's original route is actually marked by signs and is recreated every year (except this year).


Every day I am learning something new and exciting when it comes to Google Classroom!  I even taught myself how to record myself while presenting a slideshow.  Now I have my own YouTube channel, too.


I'm loving that I have a daily schedule which helps give my life some structure.  Of course, I still forget what day it is, but as I add walks with friends and structure to my "school" day, life feels more "normal."

I'm also loving that I'm developing fun "drag and drop" activities for my students.  I used the shape tool to create my own ice cream cones to make a fraction activity.


I just finished this delightful Book of the Month Club:
Writers & Lovers: A Novel
Click on the book to read more at Amazon.

If you're looking for a fun book to read this could be the book for you!  The setting is Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts ~ which I loved because I knew many of the locations.  The main character, Casey, works in a fictional restaurant in Harvard Square; this part reminded me of Sweetbitter.

Now I've just started this book which I am also enjoying.
The author, Elizabeth Wetmore, writes with vivid details so you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action!

Valentine: A Novel
Click on the book to read more at Amazon.



Teaching And Learning At Home!

Hello there!  Thank you for stopping in for a visit!  Today I'm delighted to link up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for Friday Favorites!

At-Home Learning

Every day I'm learning more about Google Classroom!  I have a routine now, and this is how I assign the students' work every day:


I'm very happy with Storylineonline because they offer quality literature read by brilliant readers as well as before and after reading activities.  If I can't find a book on this web site, I'll head to You Tube where I can often find a story read by the author ~ which is such an amazing opportunity!  If I use these books, I always convert the link on to make sure there are no ads.  Here is an example of what I do for at-home reading:

The Silent Patient by [Alex Michaelides]
Books to Read

I just finished this book, The Silent Patient, and my husband read the same book in two days because he couldn't put it down.  You can click on the cover to read more at Amazon.

The Dutch House: A Novel by [Ann Patchett]
Right now I'm reading The Dutch House
which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  I just 
love books by Ann Patchett!  Her writing is tremendous and descriptive.  I love the characters in this book ~ that's Maeve on the cover!

Going on a Virtual Time Machine Tour!

Wednesday was World Art Day, and I assigned a virtual visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Of course, I had to go on the visit myself to check it out first, and look at this amazing dress that is on exhibit!

Click on picture to read more!

Now For An Easter Time Tour!

That is me on the left when I was about 10 years old.  My younger sister, Nancy, is in the middle, and my younger brother, Brendan, is to the right.  I'm guessing the year is about 1970.  My mother used to sew our clothes and enjoyed making matching outfits for me and my sister.

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