Check it out - Kids are experts in lots of areas - fashion, sports, camping, etc.!

The kids have been working diligently on their expert books, and we share two books every day on the rug.  The books have a cover page, a table of contents, 3 chapters, at least one illustration and a conclusion.  I am so proud of the creativity and hard work the kids showed in their expert books.  Here are some student work samples:

This is Bryan's Table of Contents - he's an expert in football.

Here is a page from Danah's book about ice skating:

Here are Ainsley's cover as well as a page from her book about parakeets.  She has a parakeet named Milo, and she is crazy about her pet.

I got this expert book idea from Kathy O. who writes the blog - Third Grade Doodles - there's a link to her blog under "Blogs I Follow."  I highly recommend checking out her blog and her products at TPT.  Here is the link for the expert project:

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  1. Susan...I love your blog and I am your newest follower!! I am so glad you got some use out of my informational writing pack...thank you so much for featuring it on your blog. I am so sorry that you are still in school...ugh!! This is my first week off and life is finally settling down a little. Hang in there for your last few days...they will probably be the longest of the yeaer!!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles


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