Cleaning the Filter in your LCD player

When I use my Promethean Board, I kept getting a message about needing to clean my filter.  So, of course, I want to know how to clean my filter.  I kept asking the technology people who know that I always have at least one question.  Well, I finally wore Dave down so he decided to see how to clean the filter.  It's actually quite easy and doable.

1.  Find a chair to stand on.

2.  Locate the side of the LCD with a rectangle (it's the side opposite of the one with the round opening).  Here's Dave demonstrating:

3.  Push the tab to the left and remove the rectangular door.

4.  Pop out the filter located right inside the door.  Brush off and/or blow out the dust (a good amount of dust found its way into my filter).

5.  Put filter back in the LCD; put the rectangular door in place; and you're done.

Dave suggests cleaning the filter about twice a year. 

I bet my LCD feels cleaner and lighter now.


  1. I found your blog through the new blogger linky party. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather

  2. Hi Heather. thank you for your kind words. I'm delighted to have a new follower! susan

  3. HI Susan! I finally made it over to your blog! I haven't been on my blog in weeks because I just got tooooo busy. Found you through finding me! SO happy to find another 3rd grade blog. LOVE the watermelon planter! Love the ideas you've posted! I'm hoping to get moving on my blog and blog hop more now that it's SUMMER VACATION!!! Today is my first official day off for Summer! Woo hoo! And of course, I'm your newest follower!


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