Five For A Fabulous Friday!

Here are 5 exciting events that happened in class last week:

1.  We had our very first mystery reader of the year!  Mrs. Baker, Savannah's mom, came in on Monday to read to the boys and girls.  Here is a picture of her at the rug:

Special thanks to Mrs. Baker for coming in to read to our class!  She did a great job!

By the way, if you would like to be a mystery reader or come in to speak about your job or hobby, please let me know.  We would love for you to come for a visit!

2.  We finished our Science chapter on plants.  On top of that, we observed dry lima beans, soaked them overnight, and then we split them open the next day.  It's always amazing to see the seedling inside the seed and to see the stored food as well as the seed coat. 

Here are two new anchor charts about seeds and photosynthesis:

Next week, we'll be having a quiz on Tuesday and the chapter test on Friday on this material.


3.  We had a class meeting today (Friday), and we talked about some of the  issues the kids are having at lunch.  I guess the new thing is to ask someone if they are cool, and if they say yes, the other person responds in a mean way using words that start with C, O, O, L.  Needless to say, the kids are rather upset, and I am hoping that the meeting will stop this behavior.


4.  In Math, we reviewed equivalent fractions and reducing fractions.  Of course, I emphasized to the kids how important it is TO MEMORIZE THEIR MATH FACTS!  This is the perfect time to really know your math facts inside out while the math is manageable.  In fourth grade and beyond, the math gets much more difficult, but if you have memorized your math facts, solving the harder math problems will be that much easier.  I HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT MY STUDENTS WILL CONTINUE TO REVIEW THEIR MATH FACTS ALL SUMMER, TOO!


5.  To end the week, the weather turned exceptionally and unusually hot and humid with temperatures in the 90's.  We are so lucky in school to have air conditioning. 

That's it for this week.  Tomorrow is my son, Derek's, graduation party.  He has requested Harrow's chicken pot pie for lunch.  Luckily, they will cook the pot pies at the store so the house won't get too roasty-toasty (we already put the air conditioner in the window any way).  My job is to peel and prepare ten pounds of mashed potatoes.  Peeling potatoes is not one of my favorite jobs, but mashed potatoes is one of my few specialties when it comes to cooking - there's another interesting tidbit about me - I also LOVE TO EAT mashed potatoes.

Happy weekend!

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