Give Me 5 Adjectives!

This is one of my favorite activities of the year!

The kids think of 5 adjectives that describe them.  Then they think of 2 reasons that exemplify how that adjective describes them.  When they are done with the drafting and writing of their "hand", they trace their hands and put one adjective in each of their fingers.  They decorate their hands colorfully and creatively.  When they're done, they share their writing and decorated hands with their classmates on the rug. 

I tried to enlarge these photos so you'll be able to see samples of the writing as well as the detail the kids put into decorating their hands. 

Here is a link to the activity at Teachers Pay Teachers if you would like to download the file for free!

Have a wonderful end of the weekend!  Weekends certainly do fly by, don't they?

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