Teacher Appreciation Lunch - Part 2

Here is the second part of the Teacher Appreciation Lunch post that I made earlier this week.

For lunch, we had delicious sandwiches and salads provided by the PTO who got the food from Panera Bread Catering.  Panera Bread packages their sandwiches very neatly and compactly.  Check out the sandwich display.
I love how Panera boxes the sandwiches which must make for an easy set-up.  You can check out their catering menu at their web site:  www.panerabread.com/

Many parents from the Goodyear sent in delicious desserts, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who sent in treats.  Another day, the parents sent in some loaves from Gingerbread Construction Company which is always an enormous treat.  I feel very lucky to work in a school where the parents are so caring to send in treats for the teachers.  We love the treats - that's for sure.

Here is a picture of the creative cupcake display.

Finally, here is a picture of two of our three beautiful kindergarden teachers.  On the left is Mrs. Murphy - we do Book Buddies with her class; and on the right is Mrs. Cedrone.  As you can see, they were very happy to pose for a picture for my blog, and I hope some of my other coworkers will agree to appear here, too.

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