Five Fabulous Finds For Friday!!! Happy Memorial Day!

Finally, it's Five For Friday!

1.  This week the kids have been working on Science ABC Vocabulary books.  They have been looking in the glossary and index of their Science books to find words for each letter of the alphabet.  Then they write the word, define the work and draw an illustration.  Here are some sensational work samples:

If you want to download this project from TeachersPay Teachers FOR FREE, here is the link:

Here are some comments from my students about their Science Vocab. books:  "This is fun."  "I like doing this."  This project is a winner so please consider downloading it.

2.  We read this book that has a perfect message:  You Get What You Get by Julie A. Gassman.  In class, some of the kids like to voice disgruntled opinions about certain work or situations, and this book has the answer:  You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.  Personally, I prefer this way:  You get what you get, and you don't get upset.  Either way, it's a message worth repeating as necessary.

3.  In our Reading books, we read More than Anything Else by Marie Bradby.  This book gives insight into the childhood of Booker T. Washington who was an influential African American educator.  The important message of this book is the value of being able to read.  As a child, Booker was released from slavery, but he had to take the responsibility for finding someone to teach him how to read.  Amazingly, he finds a newspaper man - the face of hope.  This man teaches Booker the alphabet and how to write his name for the first time.  This is an all-around inspiring book.

4.  On Thursday, we went to the dress rehearsal of our Memorial Day concert performed by our very talented kindergarden, first grade and second grade students.  Our Music teacher, Ms. Bethany Newman, does an amazing job of coordinating these performances.  She even wrote one of the songs herself - now that is true talent.

5.  On that note, I'll wrap up this post by wishing everyone a very Happy Memorial Day and a very relaxing long weekend.  Remember:  eat a lot of watermelon - it's healthy and delicious!

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  1. LOVE your post! What song did Ms. Newman write?
    Happy Memorial Day!


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