Terrific Teacher Appreciation Luncheon!

Today the teachers at our school were treated to an amazing lunch sponsored by our very generous and caring PTO.  The lunch food was catered by Panera Bread; and there was a variety of salads and sandwiches.  The highlight of the lunch was this amazing and creative cake made by one of the parents.  Here are some pictures of the cake - yes, it really is a cake!

You can email this amazing baker at this address:  cakeshoppe@verizon.net/

And, I want to send an enormous thank you to the Goodyear PTO for this lovely lunch.  Everything was so well planned and organized, and I can tell a lot of thought and preparation went into this so thank you, again!!

P.S.  I'll do a second post on the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon later.  Blogspot is telling me that I overloaded this message, and the rest is somewhere in cyberspace. 

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  1. Hi Mrs. Krevat. I love your blog. I hope that you will put more stuff on it.

    Your student, Tyler


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