Five For Friday - My Own Version

On a lot of other blogs, I notice that other teachers write five ideas/lessons that they used the week before.  I'm going to do this on my own since I am looking for another teacher who might like to link up with me.

Here are five things we did last week in class:

1.  On Monday, we read about Cinco de Mayo and watched a video with the other two third grade classes.

2.  In keeping with the Cinco de Mayo theme, we read a story, The Pinata Maker, in our Reading books.  This story details how Tio Rico makes a swan pinata.

3.  We did a tremendous amount of math to prepare for our MCAS tests which are next Monday and Tuesday (May 13 and 14).

4.  The students shared the stories of their names.  This was a homework assignment that I got off of TPT in which students ask their parents to tell them how they decided on their children's names.  I found this assignment to be very useful because many of the kids were not aware of how their names were chosen.  Here is a link to the assignment:

5.  We wrote a rough draft for a Portrait Poem.  The students will type these poems at Computer Lab next week, and I will put them all together to make a class book that each student will keep to remember their third grade classmates.  Here's the link to this project:

That's my first Five for Friday.  We have another fun-filled week coming up next week so I'll keep you posted.

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