Check out this watermelon planter!

Tomorrow the Goodyear School is having a fundraiser.  Part of the fundraiser involves raffling off items decorated by each class.  The third grade classes had to decorate a window box.  Here is what it looked like before any decorating:

Plain and white planter - a blank canvas
Next I decided to go with the watermelon theme to go along with my blog.  Each student made a red thumbprint; wrote their name in Sharpie next to their thumbprint; when the thumbprint was dry, each student added the seeds and watermelon rind.  (I bought the Sharpies that have paint in them because you can use them on wood.  We used these to make the rinds.)

Here is Side #1:

I think this came out great!

This morning, I consulted with my colleague, Bonnie Johnson, to ask what should go on the back of the planter, if anything.  She definitely thought we should decorate the back.  So, I talked to the kids on the rug.  I only had a red stamp pad so we could only make red thumbprints.  The kids decided on these 4 fruits to make:  apple, strawberry, cherry or another watermelon.

Now presenting, Side #2:

The kids did a stand-up job!  I'm so proud of our planter!

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