Derek is an official Stonehill Graduate - Class of 2013

Here's a picture of my father with Derek after the graduation ceremony. 

Today - May 18th - has been a very busy day.  The graduation started at ten o'clock sharp and was over by noon.  The speaker was a Stonehill graduate who is now the president of Avon Cosmetics, and she gave a fine speech - which means it was just the right length and covered just the right points for a graduation speech. 

Derek graduated magna cum laude (that means he got excellent grades), and he majored in Political Science and International Studies.  Now he will be moving back home and looking for a job.

I'm very proud of Derek for doing an outstanding job in college, and I'm hoping his job search will go well because he wants to get an apartment with a friend in Boston. 

Here's something that I took away from the book Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov.  He encourages students to answer all questions - out loud and in writing - by using COMPLETE SENTENCES.  Why?  When students go to college and/or to work, they will need to be well spoken, and that means speaking in complete sentences. 

One of my goals for the rest of this school year is to ensure my students answer ALL questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES so that they will one day be successful in life.

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