Field Trip to Woburn - First Stop - the Mayor's Office

On Wednesday, June 12th, the third graders trekked to Woburn center for a field trip.  Our first stop was the Mayor's office in City Hall.  Woburn's mayor is Scott Galvin, and he has been the mayor for two terms (each term is 2 years).  The mayor was exceptionally kind and welcoming to all of the students.  First, he posed for pictures with groups of 8 students at a time.  After that, the students went downstairs to the City Council Chamber where they were treated to a snack of a frosted donut with a drink.  Then the mayor spoke to the boys and girls about his job, and he gave every student an opportunity to ask a question.  Here are some of the answers to the questions:

  Mayor Galvin plans on running for another term because he thinks being the mayor is the best job of all.   

  The mayor used to be a lawyer, but he no longer practices law.

  He gets to be in parades, and he is in charge of the whole city of Woburn.

Here is a picture of Mayor Galvin in the City Council chambers:

After hearing from the mayor, City Clerk William Campbell came down to talk about his job.  As the city clerk, Mr. Campbell goes to all City Council meetings where he writes down everything that happens.  Mr. Campbell also used to be a lawyer. 

Here are Mr. Galvin and Mr. Campbell (on the right) in the City Council chambers:

In addition, Mr. Campbell invited us to his office to view the inside of the room that holds all records for the City of Woburn.  The boys and girls learned that these are not World Records but records of births, voting, death and marriage.  Mr. Campbell also let the student see a very old book that contained the names of people who voted back in the 1600's.  I love the old way of writing - it looks like calligraphy:

Thank you Mayor Galvin and Mr. Campbell for giving us the opportunity to learn and to see city government at work.  Also, thanks go to Mrs. Bruen (Claire's mom) for arranging the visit to the City Clerk's office.

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