Anchors Away!

It's a short week, but luckily I have something to share on Deb's link-up:

This week, we're working on area:

 For the word problem example, I used a similar problem from our Math Expressions book and changed some of the words.  For some reason, the book likes the word "adjacent" which is a difficult word to learn.  I really emphasize drawing pictures to help solve math word problems.  Plus, I love my flip chart paper with the grids on it - so handy when doing area!

Here's my Morning Message for Monday:

I'm also loving how I write indent as well as include the multiplication grid.  This way I can review these concepts every day.  Understanding what "indent" means is difficult to remember and understand.

Also, please check out this video from Change is Simple.  It was shown at the fundraiser I participated in last Friday.  Here's the link: 

Change Is Simple video.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you stress drawing pictures to help you figure out math problems. I think it's VITAL for ELLs. I always make my daughter draw pictures when she's working on a word problem for homework and doesn't know how to tackle it, but I don't think she thinks it helps much. I love the anchor charts! Thanks for linking up and have a great Thanksgiving!


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