Fabulous Five For Friday!

We have been busy bees in class.  That's why I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs for:


The week before Halloween the kids wrote paragraphs on how to brush their teeth.  Those paragraphs are now hanging in the hallway - hopefully serving as a reminder of the importance of brushing your teeth:

Last Tuesday, I had a full day of professional development while the kids had a day off.  Here is the morning message for Wednesday:
The words that are circled in blue are our Spelling words, and the words circled in yellow are from our Vocabulary Workshop books.  I try to use the words in the Morning Message so the kids can see the words in action.  In addition, we always play an "I have, who has" game that reviews concepts we are learning:

Every week I type up a new game, and we play it on Monday at Morning Meeting (just to make sure it's perfect before Mrs. Brown laminates it).  Then we'll play it all that week to review.  As the week progresses, the kids get much faster at knowing the answers. 

In Computer Lab, we started our Sentence Powerpoints!

Our computer volunteer, Fiona's mother, actually taught how to make Powerpoint presentations to high-level executives, and she thought the 3rd graders did better because they were able to experiment with the software.  How exciting and amazing is that!

On Friday we had our monthly Character Assembly for respect:

Also, on Friday, we wrote thank you notes to local Veterans:

The letters were very heartfelt, and Mrs. Brown is going to personally deliver them to a Veterans group in Woburn.

On a personal note, I bought my first "app" for Picstitch.  I have decorated borders, and I'm having so much fun with it. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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