Isabella Babysits Baxter - A Book Review!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My class and I LOVE to do book reviews for Mother Daughter Book Reviews.  This month we reviewed:
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In a nutshell, this book tells about a day when young Isabella needs to keep Baxter, the dog, entertained while Mom, the work-at-home artist, works in her art room.  Overall, my students enjoyed the story.  Here are some of their comments.

Mia's review includes:

...Isabella is adorable.  I love, love the picture the mom painted.  Baxter is adorable. I like when Isabella dressed up Baxter.  The fish crackers look gross.  That is a bad dog!  I love when they played tug of war.  In the book I like that Isabella's favorite book is Isabella Babysits Baxter.

Liam had several questions in his review:

Is it based on a true story?  I like the action words...the detail in the people.  Why does Isabella have blond hair and her mom have dark hair?  Why did she (Isabella) not go to school?  I did not like how Isabella yells at Baxter.  I think you should tell who her siblings are.

Several students wanted to know if this was based on a true story which opens up a discussion on realistic fiction.  The kids really enjoyed the page where Isabella is reading this exact book to the dog - this was definitely a highlight in the story.  The kids also appreciated the sound effect words as we pay special attention to these types of words as a way to grab a reader's interest.

My class and I enjoyed this colorful and fun book and are very thankful to the author, Melissa Moraja for sending us an autographed copy!

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